Nice to meet you

I’m happiest when I am working with my hands.

Visit my Vimeo page to watch some of my stop motion animations.

I began my career as the photo shoot and artwork producer of Saturday Night Live in 2010. I produced SNL’s photo shoots, coordinated the graphics, and researched and licensed photos; my responsibility was to ensure that all of the graphics matched the creatives’ original concepts. When handling shoots, I collaborated with department heads to transform script elements into artwork. I oversaw the production and timing of all shoots to maintain congruency with the studio rehearsal schedule. I also co-managed the production of Weekend Update, and assisted the writers and producers with aesthetic decisions.

In 2009, I was accepted into the highly competitive NBC Page Program. I worked for the TODAY Show, MSNBC, and NBC’s Media Development and TV Research department, where I mentored eight network executives on how to understand and use digital media the way millennials do.

Today, I work in advertising as a digital producer. Producer by day, animator by night.

When I’m not animating, I love to cook and play with my dog Ziti.